Biggest India Yoga Retreats and Their Benefits

We all know that India yoga retreats are getaway to escape from stressful everyday environment. The everyday normal life might cause you serious problem on the long run like, stress, poor health, lifestyle issues, social or ecological concerns.

The India Yoga retreats have been gaining popularity since more and more  people have recovered their health aft

er attending some of these wonderful Yoga and Ayurveda eastern spa centres.  These centres are excellent place to unwind and relax for a record time.

So you will strength your body and calm your mind reinforcing healthy habits practicing hatha yoga and Ayurveda. Hatha Yoga which is the physical Yoga can improve not only your physical body very significantly but it will combat stress or lifestyle related disorders very effectively.

However if you are suffering from something more severe, you will be treated in the India Yoga retreat with techniques like Ayurveda. Through Ayurvedic medicine you will be able to cure diseases and problems like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, heart diseases, and much more. The medical practitioners at such retreats adopt a holistic treatment policy based on multidisciplinary approach.

The most known India Yoga retreats are

Zamorins Health Retreat, Kerala, India

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat, Coonor, India

Kerala Ayurvedic Research and Rejuvination Establishment, Pune, India

In these retreats you will solve any of your health issues, or you can focus just on relaxation from everyday stress or exercise and Yoga. These retreats offer wide variety of services like mud baths, spa cuisines, meditation and Yoga classes, mental and physical relaxation, self help, Ayurveda workshops and much more! The India yoga retreats above have become an essential part of some peoples lives. I know a few of my friends, they couldn’t imagine live one year without visiting any of the spa retreats I’ve mentioned. A friend of mine told me that he feel so good pampered and spoilt n the lap of luxury during the Yoga retreat that he feel wonderful almost the whole year just before he visit again!

Here are some of the services offered by these Yoga and spa retreats:




Wight loss


Reiki healing

Facial therapies

Holistic therapies

Crystal healing

Indian philosophy

Massages and much more…

With lifestyle changes and stress related diseases becoming the order of the day, India Yoga retreats have proven to be effective beyond doubt. Tough a little cost prohibitive, the retreats have become life saver for many who believe in spending that extra little dough for securing a stress free and relaxed life.


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Sharing my experience about Yoga retreats in India and Yoga retreats in Bali and rest of the world.
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